Ninetunes – Frisking the whiskers

Wallet Ninetunes

It took a few years, but finally: the Ninetunes album was released at the end of May 2015!

Frisking the whiskers is an album with electronic music in the style of Moby, Bonobo, Röyksopp, etc. The songs on the album are a variety of catchy songs, some more pop, others more electronic songs. There are songs on the album with unusual time signatures, like: “Here’s the sun in my life” (5/4) and “Dancing on the beach” (7/4).

The title of our album Frisking the whiskers, is a term derived from jazz and is described in English as: “what the (jazz) cats do when they are warming up for a swing session”; warming up prior to a session: “he arrived early and started frisking the whiskers.”

Frisking the whiskers, because….it is our first album and some pieces were composed this way: improvising on a drumbeat the most beautiful melodies were created, which were selected and harmonized to compositions.

The CD Frisking the whiskers was recorded at home. The entire production is done by Ninetunes: compositions, instruments, vocals, recording, mixing, art work, etc. Except for the mastering the of the album, which was done by Amsterdam Mastering.

The album is available on CD and as EP on iTunes.

More info on our website Ninetunes